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The Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan
What is it?

The Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan has been designed to protect your vehicle's vital components against failure. We are confident that our premium products work! And the 240K Plan is a way for us to back that up!

If you have your first Run-Rite Protection Service performed before your vehicle is 100,000 miles old (160,934 KM), and thereafter maintain the required service schedule, you'll be protected against system failure until your odometer reaches 240,000 miles (386,242 KM) or your vehicle turns 10 years old. If during that time a covered system fails, we'll compensate you for repairs to covered components up to $4,000 USD!

Protection is available for the following vital vehicle areas:

  • Fuel System (Gasoline & Diesel)
  • Cooling System
  • Transmission (Automatic)
  • Transmission (Manual)
  • Rear Differential
  • Power Steering System
  • Brake System
  • Engine

How much
does it cost?
There is no additional fee for the Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan. The cost of each required service is all that you will be charged.

What do I
have to do?
To obtain the Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan for your vehicle, you need to have your first Run-Rite Protection Service performed before your vehicle has 100,000 miles (160,934 KM) on the odometer. Your level of protection will be determined by how many miles you have driven your vehicle before its first Run-Rite Protection Service. The service must be performed by an authorized Run-Rite Service Location that uses approved Run-Rite Car Care Products. After purchasing your first service, you must register your warranty here. Thereafter you must maintain the required Run-Rite Vehicle Maintenance Schedule and keep all original service records in case you need to submit a claim.

How will I remember when the required
services are due?
It is your responsibility to keep up with the required maintenance schedule. However, during the creation of your Run-Rite Car Care account, you will be able to request courtesy e-mail service reminders. These e-mail reminders will notify you approximately 30 days or 500 miles before your next service is due (based on the estimated annual mileage data that you provide us with during your registration).

What happens if I miss a required maintenance service? In order to maintain coverage, you MUST keep up with the required maintenance schedule for each protected component. A grace period of 500 miles is extended to maintain service interval compliance within this Protection Plan. This grace period extends to all Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan coverage levels and is required for each service interval requirement. Having a required service performed outside of the grace period will null and void any benefit under the 240K Protection Plan.

Is the plan transferrable? YES! The Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan’s benefits are transferable if vehicle ownership changes, which can add to the resale value of your vehicle!
Where is this plan available? At this time the Run-Rite 240K Protection Plan is only available at approved service centers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To find a service center near you click here.






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