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Run-Rite Intake Cleaner

Part No. 1003
12 fl. oz. per bottle


  • Improve Fuel Economy

  • Reduce Emissions

  • Clean Intake Manifold, Valves, Pistons and Combuistion Chamber

  • Low VOC Compliant Formula

2-stage carbon intake cleaner.

Requires use of a Run-Rite professional installation tool.

Quickly dissolves carbon and varnish from the intake manifold, valves, pistons and combustion chamber.

Residual cleaner continues to soften "rock-like" valve deposits for a more thorough, long-lasting cleaning.

Reduces pollutants and emissions.

Helps reduce build-up in catalytic converter.

For Professional Use Only.





A specially formulated blend of solvents‚ detergent additives and dispersants which will quickly, effectively and safely remove varnish, carbon and gum deposits from the induction system. The formula is a blend of synthetic and petroleum based detergent additives that are thermally stable to resist intake valve and combustion chamber temperatures while cleaning. This process delivers an additional dose of polyetheramine detergent to the upper intake areas as well as intake valves, combustion chambers and piston tops.

Run-Rite Intake Cleaner is low VOC compliant and does not contain any harmful components that produce toxic fumes. It is safe for all intake components and coatings.

This product is designed to be used with a Run-Rite Installation tool.






 Run-Rite Intake Cleaner
 (12 fl. oz. per bottle)

 24 bottles per case


 Run-Rite 3-Step Kit

1001, 1002, 1003


 Run-Rite 4-Step Kit (TBC)

1001, 1002, 1003, 1287


 Run-Rite 4-Step Kit (ICF)

1001, 1002, 1003, 1293


 Run-Rite 3-Step Kit (TBC)

1001, 1003, 1287


 Run-Rite 2-Step Service Pack

1001, 1003

3 & 4 step kits sold 8 kit boxes per case.
2 step kits sold 12 packs per case and are shrink-wrapped (no sales box)




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