E.T.P. Sealer

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12 fl. oz. bottle

Each case contains 24 bottles

Shipping weight 20 lbs.
Dimensions 14 in. x 12.5 in. x 9.5 in.

Engine-Transmission-Power Steering
(E.T.P.) Sealer

Fast and Easy Engine Cleaning!
It can be used in gas or diesel ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS or POWER STEERING PUMPS.

E.T.P. Sealer is formulated to help restore resiliency in seals and gaskets that have shrunk or dried out. Rejuvenates seals to stop leaks. It helps:

• Stop Leaks!

• Extend Seal Life

Mixes with all lubricating fluids. Compatible with regular or synthetic motor oil. Contains NO SOLIDS! Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

For Professional Use Only.

3212 E.T.P. Sealer 12 fl. oz. bottle / 24 per case

Kleen-Rite "Vital Signs" Engine Maintenance Consumer Video

This video presentation is a part of the "Check Your Vital Signs! TM" Waiting Room DVD provided as a sales tool to Run-Rite customers who wish to promote preventative maintenance in their waiting rooms.