iQ3 Performance Oil

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1 quart bottle

Each case contains 12 bottles

Shipping weight 23 lbs.
Dimensions 12 in. x 12 in. x 9 in.

iQ3 Performance Oil

Engineered for higher performance, reduced emissions and increased fuel economy!

iQ3 Performance Oil is patented chemistry designed to help improve fuel economy. It also enhances engine protection and performance, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
It helps:

• Maintain Engine Lubrication Under High Stress Conditions
• Improve Fuel Economy
• Increase Engine Performance
• Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

iQ3 is a combination of specially processed base oils, additives, and friction modifiers designed to reduce engine friction and viscometric power losses. This immediately improves the vehicle's fuel economy.

iQ3's patented chemistry, in conjunction with an oil change, provides added protection against starting friction, heat stress, and engine deposits, enhancing protection over conventional SAE 10W-30 motor oil. It improves engine oil flow, even at very low temperatures, ensuring that the oil gets pumped to all engine parts quickly.

Usage Guide: Add one quart of iQ3 to the engine crankcase during the refill portion of an oil change and fill the rest of the crankcase with conventional SAE10W-30 motor oil. Do not overfill. One quart of iQ3 treats 4-5 quarts (3.7-4.7L) of motor oil.

For Professional Use Only.

7300 iQ3 Performance Oil 1 qt. bottle / 12 per case

Kleen-Rite "Vital Signs" Engine Maintenance Consumer Video

This video presentation is a part of the "Check Your Vital Signs! TM" Waiting Room DVD provided as a sales tool to Run-Rite customers who wish to promote preventative maintenance in their waiting rooms.