Rapid Induction Deposit Cleaner (R.I.D.)

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8.25 oz. can

Each case contains 12 cans

Shipping weight 9 lbs.
Dimensions 9 in. x 7.5 in. x 6 in.

Run-Rite R.I.D. Rapid Induction Deposit Cleaner

RECOMMENDED: Every 15,000 miles or annually.

• Remove deposits from the air induction system
• Quickly clean gum, varnish, crankcase vapor and fuel residue
• Maintain air flow and mixture motion in precision engines
• Effectively clean intake runners and plenum as well as the combustion chambers & valves
• Restore driveability and performance


Run-Rite R.I.D. is a brand new aerosol induction cleaner. It has been designed for SUPER-FAST SERVICE TIMES as it does NOT require the use of an additional installation tool!

You can purchase R.I.D. as a stand alone product, or as part of a Run-Rite or Zoom Multi-Step Fuel System Cleaning Kit.

Safe for Oxygen Sensors, Catalytic Converters and Coated Components.

No Chlorinated Solvents.

For Professional Use Only.

This product is also available in the following Run-Rite kits:

1006 Run-Rite 3-Step Kit (RID) 1007, 3525, 1296
1008 Run-Rite 2-Step Kit (RID) 1007, 1296
1018 Run-Rite 3-Step Kit (TBC/RID) 1007, 1287, 1296
1036 Run-Rite 3-Step Kit (RID/Snakeheads) 1007, 1296, 1330
1476 Run-Rite 2-Step DIESEL Kit (RID) 1296, 1427
1496 Run-Rite 3-Step DIESEL Kit (RID) 1296, 1427, 4300
1526 Run-Rite 2-Step (Sledgehammer/RID) 1512, 1296
1596 Run-Rite 3-Step for VW/Audi (Sledgehammer) 1510, 1510, 1296
7014 Zoom 3-Step R.I.D. Kit 1296, 7009, 7012
7016 Zoom 2-Step R.I.D. Kit 1296, 7012
3- & 4-step kits sold 8 kit boxes per case. 2-step kits are shrink-wrapped (do not come in the sales box) and are sold 12 packs per case.