Zoom 3-Step R.I.D. Kit

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Each kit contains part numbers 1296, 7009, 7012

Each case contains 8 kits

Shipping weight 21 lbs.
Dimensions 14 in. x 12.5 in. x 9.5 in.

About ZOOM Quick-Service Multi-Step
Fuel System Cleaning Kits

Every 15,000 miles or annually.

• Increase Fuel Economy
• Lower Emissions
• Extend Engine Life
• Improve Acceleration

Designed for the Quick-Service Market


Delivers excellent fuel system clean-up results with reduced service times.

Available in both 2 and 3 step kits, the ZOOM formula is especially designed for the service centers where time is critical!

ZOOM formulas are LOW VOC COMPLIANT. They survive high temperatures well into the combustion-chamber. This dual-stage formula works to remove condensation from the gas tank and clean injectors.

NON-FLAMMABLE! Easy on sensitive engine components. NO ALCOHOL or TOLUENE.

For Professional Use Only.

ZOOM fuel system cleaning involves up to 3 different steps. We offer different products for each step depending upon your specific needs:

STEP F: Fuel Delivery Clean-Up
7012, 7025

STEP C: Crankcase System Clean-Up

STEP I: Intake Deposit Clean-Up
7009, 1296

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Run-Rite Videos

Run-Rite Video Demonstration

This video presentation will explain the complete Run-Rite 4-Step Fuel System Cleaning process. Contact us today for more information!

Run-Rite TV Commercial

This is a 30 second television commercial promoting the Run-Rite Professional Fuel System Cleaning service.

Run-Rite Before & After Photos

STEP #1: Fuel System Treatment

STEP #2: Oil System Treatment

STEP #3: Intake Cleaning

STEP #4: Throttle Plate Cleaning

Also read: "Hi-Tech Needs. Hi-Tech Solutions." - Excerpt from a technical paper by Michael Rawdon, formerly the Senior Technologist for Texaco Additives International