Shift-Rite Trans Kleen

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10 fl. oz. bottle

Each case contains 24 bottles

Shipping weight 18 lbs.
Dimensions 14 in. x 12.5 in. x 9.5 in.

Shift-Rite Trans Kleen

'Kleen' the transmission!


• Reduce amount of new ATF required for a clean fluid exchange

• Remove varnish & deposits

• Promote a more complete drain of used ATF fluid and contaminants

• Improve fluid circulation

• Extend transmission life

Trans Kleen is formulated to remove varnish and deposits when servicing transmissions. It can be used when performing a manual pan service, or with a Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine.

For Professional Use Only.

This product is available in the following packaging and kit options:

2060 Shift-Rite Trans Kleen 10 fl. oz. bottle / 24 per case
2020 Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Service Pack 2050, 2060
2089 Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Service Kit 2050, 2060
2098 Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Conversion Pack 2060, 2095

Shift-Rite "Vital Signs" Transmission Maintenance Consumer Video

This video presentation is a part of the "Check Your Vital Signs! TM" Waiting Room DVD provided as a sales tool to Run-Rite customers who wish to promote preventative maintenance in their waiting rooms.