Shift-Rite Trans Guard

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10 fl. oz. bottle

Each case contains 24 bottles

Shipping weight 9 lbs.
Dimensions 13 in. x 7.5 in. x 9 in.

Shift-Rite Trans Guard

High Tech Synthetic Protectant ... for the ultimate in transmission performance!


• Reduce temperature
• Prevent oxidation, clutch chatter, torque converter shudder and sticking valves and governors
• Reduce wear, sludge and varnish
• Extend fluid life
• Improve shift quality
• Eliminate chatter and shudder
• Reduce HEAT - the #1 enemy of a transmission!

For use in ALL automatic transmission fluids!

Shift-Rite Trans Guard reduces HEAT - the #1 enemy of a transmission! It also will help reduce wear, sludge and varnish. Trans Guard can help prevent oxidation, clutch chatter, torque converter shudder, and sticking valves and governors. It improves shift quality and can extend the life of ALL automatic transmission fluids.

Usage Guide: For use with ALL automatic transmission fluids. Add Shift-Rite Trans Guard to the transmission through the dipstick tube. Check fluid level and adjust as needed - do not overfill.

For Professional Use Only.

This product is available in the following packaging and kit options:

Shift-Rite Trans Guard 10 fl. oz. bottle / 24 per case
2020 Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Service Pack 2050, 2060
2089 Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Service Kit 2050, 2060
4115 Used Car Maintenance Kit 1512, 2050, 3400, 5002, 6001

Shift-Rite "Vital Signs" Transmission Maintenance Consumer Video

This video presentation is a part of the "Check Your Vital Signs! TM" Waiting Room DVD provided as a sales tool to Run-Rite customers who wish to promote preventative maintenance in their waiting rooms.