Steer-Rite Power Steering Flush (PSF)

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16 fl. oz. bottle

Each case contains 12 bottles

Shipping weight 12 lbs.
Dimensions 11 in. x 8 in. x 9 in.

Steer-Rite Power Steering Flush (PSF)

Steer-Rite PSF is designed to thoroughly clean the power steering system prior to a fluid exchange.


• Remove varnish and sludge deposits

• Improve fluid circulation

• Extend component life

• Improve steering performance

Also available in a bladder bag as part of the 6008 kit for use with the eX-Rite PSF Exchange machine.

For Professional Use Only.

Run-Rite offers the following products for your specific Power Steering needs:

6001 Steer-Rite Power Steering Treatment 4 fl. oz. bottle
6008 Steer-Rite Flush & Fluid Kit Bladder Bags (for use with eX-Rite) 6002, 6005
6008F Steer-Rite Ford Kit 6002, 6005
6010 Steer-Rite Power Steering Flush (PSF) 16 fl. oz. bottle
6010L Steer-Rite Power Steering Flush (PSF) 64 fl. oz. bottle
6011 Steer-Rite Premium Power Steering Fluid 64 fl. oz. bottle
6011F Steer-Rite Premium Power Steering Fluid (Ford Red) 64 fl. oz. bottle
6013 Steer-Rite Bottle Kit 6010, 6011
6013F Steer-Rite Bottle Kit (Ford Red) 6010, 6011
6053 Steer-Rite Power Steering Kit  
6055 Steer-Rite Synthetic Power Steering Fluid 64 fl. oz. bottle
6058 Steer-Rite Synthetic Bladder Bags (for use with eX-Rite) 6002, 6005S
10240 FluidRx Power Steering Fluid Diagnostic Kit 1 kit / 100 sheets per case
85128 FluidRx Underhood Fluid Evaluation Kit 1 kit / 70 tests per case